10 content marketing trends for 2022

Gone are the days of non-personalized and non-contextualized “bulk” ad content. More than ever, businesses must rely on authentic, engaging, and immersive content to capture the attention of their audience.

In this guide, YouLoveWords, a leading content marketing solution, shares 10 content marketing trends that could make a difference in the year ahead.

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Most : For each trend you will find valuable tips for preparing your content strategy for 2022.

1. Grow your editorial podcasts

Dubbed “the future of radio” by Steve Jobs, the podcast continues its meteoric rise. Whether it’s listening to a program on repeat (catch-up podcast) or discovering original content (native podcasts), this format has achieved its goal. The podcast is a new way for brands to develop original editorial proposals and engage audiences.

2. Jump into the Metaverse

Inspired by video games and science fiction, the Metaverse is a fictional universe where individuals can share immersive experiences in real time. Brands will be able to create original experiences and also develop a new shopping experience. The Metaverse race is on, led by Facebook (Meta), who have already developed a new virtual playground called Horizon Worlds.

3. Focus on the environmental responsibility of the content

According to the report of the Senate’s Committee on Regional Planning and Sustainable Development, digital technology would be the source of 24 million tonnes of carbon equivalent by 2040, or about 7% of France’s emissions, up from 2% today. Discover in the guide tips to reduce your energy consumption for your content: images, videos, hosting, etc.

4. Create your own academy to provide training

With the development of new platforms, online training is becoming accessible to everyone. You can now create your own training course with just a few clicks and share it with your teams and clients. YouLoveWords explains how to set up an online academy and provide the right content, as well as recommending tools to rely on.

5. Rely on ABM (Account Based Marketing)

The challenge for all B2B marketers in 2022 will be relevance: targeting, messaging, processes… But how do you develop a relevant marketing strategy at a time when 65% of decision makers say they are a people-to-people -Want relationship? ? This is where ABM comes in: “A strategy in which sales and marketing teams work together to develop and target key account relationships. »

6. Focus on local (proximity) marketing

In addition to SEO, local marketing encourages building an engaged community through content that really touches your customers and encourages them to share their own experiences (User Generated Content). Local products/services and local adventure content have been on the rise for the past two years, so brands are keen to focus on proximity marketing.

7. Select Authentic Content Creators

Consumers are no longer fooled by celebrities who claim to have an affinity with a product. They are now looking for someone who is genuinely involved, authentic and looks like them. This is probably why micro influencers are becoming more and more popular among the general public. This typology of influencers is very present on TikTok, an opportunity for brands.

8. Prepare for voice search

With the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning, voice search is improving and connected assistants are becoming more and more efficient. It is therefore relevant to prepare for the future by optimizing your SEO content for this new search method today.

9. Test narrative services in the service of reality

To offer original content, you can also put narrative patterns at the service of reality. The goal: to offer his audience new experiences that arouse emotions. In particular, you can test less traditional narrative schemes: Aktancial (the step to action), Simplified (the problem/the solution)…

10. Structure your content ecosystem

Stop creating single-use content! You can use the Content Cascade method: you view your content as integral parts of a global strategy that you can reject (almost) indefinitely.

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