10 tactics to increase your brand awareness in B2B

Do you want to recruit new talent, build a partnership with other players in your industry or convince potential customers of your credibility? Awareness of your brand is an essential asset. Become one of the star players in your industry by leveraging your reputation!

10 tactics for a bright awareness strategy

From your website to social media, email or content marketing, increasing your brand awareness can take many forms.

  1. Create worthwhile content to establish your expertise. With informative blog posts that will be useful to your prospects, you validate your know-how and understanding of their reality while building a bond of trust with them. After that, they can more easily engage with your content…
  2. … optimize yours SEO web – Organic or paid. You have a better chance of appearing on the first pages of search results if your website and publications (on your blog and social networks) contain the right keywords.
  3. Be active and relevant social media. It’s another way to nurture your relationship with your prospects, recruit, or position yourself in your industry. The better your content, the more your followers are likely to engage with it.

    Polls are a great way to generate this type of engagement: they garner more engagement than other types of posts. Results? You’ll have a better chance of appearing in your subscribers’ feeds and making yourself known!

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  1. Use the email marketing. A newsletter is an excellent tool to spread your expertise, keep trust, support your prospects in their buying process but also keep your current customers. If you haven’t already, get started!
  2. To produce regular content. This consistency solves several problems and allows you to have a privileged place on the web and in your customers’ decision-making process. By showing up regularly in their inbox, you gain credibility in their eyes!
  3. Use the possibilities of Networking. Whether by creating a virtual community or by attending online or face-to-face events, you will promote your organization’s name to your peers and prospects.
  4. Set a strategy of link building in place. This integration of external links (backlinks) refers to your website confirms its reliability towards Google’s algorithms, which are responsible for the ranking on the search results pages.

    Why not write an article or give an interview in a trade blog or the magazine of a recognized professional association in your target industries? You will then reach a wider audience per band than your existing network!

    Pro tip: Tag your social media posts with the person or organization you’ve worked with. They’ll probably respond to it, and if they share it in turn, you’ll reach a different audience! Two birds with one stone!

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  1. Bet on the multimedia. From infographics to videos and podcasts, diversifying the formats you choose can help you grab your readers’ attention and give your content a second life. Don’t forget to optimize the different formats for the best user experience.
  2. Contact the interactive content and think outside the box! Make up a quiz (the results of which would lead to different product types) or create a reminder about one of your favorite topics. You could also create a fun calculator that estimates the number of hours you’ve saved thanks to one of your services, or measures your company culture thanks to a made-up scoring system.

    In addition, this type of content is well shared on social networks and shapes the minds of your clients or potential candidates.

  3. Do something remarketing. Stay in touch with users who have already visited your website or interacted with your web universe. Its advantage is that you address prospects that you already know and who are at least curious or interested: you can get to the heart of your offer with them or even offer them value-added content such as a white paper or an e-book. That way they will remember your name!

Remember that building your notoriety or reputation takes time, creativity, and a little experimentation. Because in order to attract attention, you have to think and present yourself differently than others! In order not to sound too pushy, also consider the basic principles of attraction marketing – resp inbound marketing.

Let us know if you need a helping hand to shine more!

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