10 tips to overtake your competitors

How can you differentiate your marketing content from your competitors and overtake them? Here we give you our 10 tips for success. Content marketing is trending. While it’s not new on the web, it’s still celebrated today by companies that no longer hesitate to let the framework exist in a web that’s becoming increasingly difficult for those who aren’t Google or Wikipedia and who are doing it accessible doesn’t have the budget of a millionaire to drive traffic to their websites.

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Content Marketing: How to be successful with web content and stand out from the crowd

10 golden rules to make your content marketing stand out

This logic of natural referencing is found in e-retailers: take CDiscount or Logic-immo, there are 8 and 9 people respectively who take care of natural referencing (SEO).

That’s understandable, we’ve seen it with the Keley Consulting Study on Banking and SEO or the SEMRUSH study, because that’s where the richest visits come from, from searches on generic keywords and not the traditional branded search favored by professionals.

Brands are important, content marketing is even more important

Anyone who has created a brand knows that. A brand is pampered, protected, enhanced.

Because a strong brand conveys values, brings awareness, recognition, loyalty and sometimes even a sense of belonging and belonging.

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A strong brand conveys values. But that’s not all, because not all companies are called Apple or Tesla.

But if for the above reasons it is easy to believe that the brand is enough, unfortunately it is not enough to be seen on the web.

Except maybe (and again…) on categories related to luxury and fashion, but certainly not on more complex, deep or competitive topics. And even less in the B2B.

General keywords are more important than anything else

In fact, generic keyword searches are more important than brand name searches when you want to track leads.

There is a paid method and a free method when it comes to SEO.

The paid method provides instant gratification but is expensive and addictive market where supply is dominated by a largely dominant actor (cf. La tribune libre by Denis Fages).

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SEO: lower investment but more time consuming

The free method, as the name suggests, is not directly investment-intensive, but it requires a great investment of resources and time, and most importantly… it requires a lot of patience to achieve a long-term result. .

Once this result is achieved, web capital can prove resilient and beneficial over the long term, provided it is properly maintained.

That’s what content marketing is for on the web.

But not only.

It is also the guarantee that your users will return to and recommend your website or blog and that they will search for that addictive content, as Vincent Flanders suggested at Webpagesthatsuck.com.

Addictive content marketing

The term sanctified by Flanders is even stronger as it speaks to us of ‘heroin content’. It’s all summed up here in a single expression, albeit a little emphatic.

But as with all simple things, the implementation is more difficult than the solution.

There are rules of doing things, of avoiding mistakes, if you want to move forward and captivate your customers and prospects.

You have to captivate immediately to (ultimately) capture better

That’s what we’re going to discuss in the following presentation, namely the need to make content marketing a profession and a game with its own rules.

10 golden rules for web marketing content that gets noticed

I have therefore identified 10 rules that I consider particularly important when creating and distributing content on the web. These ten rules are by no means definitive or exhaustive. These tips are complemented by comments and anecdotes recorded in the podcast accompanying this article.

They can be supplemented by rules of conduct for writing and blogs in particular.

  1. Tip #1 : Contrary to what is commonly believed in large companies, do not over-sophisticate your marketing content. (Big) companies have a rather old understanding of communication, it’s too traditional, too smooth, too perfect. You need to lower your requirement level to be successful in digital; and focus on the quality of the content and not just the packaging.
  2. Tip #2 : Think of multimedia. The content has become multifaceted, it is no longer a simple blog post, but videos, images, infographics. The content is richer. It has become multifaceted through its use. A conference can be filmed, blogged, uploaded, played on YouTube, etc. Don’t just think about content, think about content repurposing.
  3. Tip #3 : know how to exploit its content. Brands produce a lot of content, but they don’t really know how to deal with it yet. Where can you find them? How to improve them? How do I choose them? Producing marketing content alone is not enough. I see too many professionals spending too much time on these tasks and ending up so exhausted that they never really use their work properly.
  4. Tip #4 : touch people. Also and especially in B2B, the emotion is in the foreground. A simple image, if well designed, sometimes plays a leading role.

    For a white book From 2022 on the use of photos and videos, we have decided to reject the visual elements surrounding photos of Iris.

  5. Tip #5 : Avoid content in silos. A video can be reused in an article. You can also output images, etc. Everything is (re)usable. Relaunch, Share, Break out of the specialization by platform imposed by social media. We want your marketing content to live on, even if LinkedIn decides otherwise.
  6. Tip #6 : Adopt the right mindset. More than skills, digital content requires a mindset, a genuine interest in the topics your audience is passionate about (note we didn’t use the word “goals”).
  7. Tip #7 : Get the experts out of the closet and evolve the way you create content. Organizations must learn to evolve and pull in-house experts out of the closet to harness and motivate the vital forces of the organization. A big part of our job is getting the experts to talk.
  8. Tip #8 : the keywords you will learn, speed – reactivity – sharing.
  9. Tip #9 : Adopt UGC and agree to design content in-house too, with the famous UGC (User-Generated Content) and even EGC.
  10. Tip #10 : The role of agencies will change to that of tour guides. This implies a challenge in terms of the economic model, requiring them to question themselves and calculate differently. To make the content resonate and also to help the client to reposition their content. And finally, knowing how to use content creators to do what they do best: share their knowledge and passions.
Stand out with your content marketing
Content marketing helps you stand out

With these few common sense tips, you can better promote your brand online and off. Don’t just rely on your name, learn how to build content marketing that will give you a competitive edge.

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