4 important steps for a successful content strategy

When digital trends are constantly evolving, there is one rule that prevails over time: “Content is King”. In fact, content is an essential element that must be part of a pre-defined marketing strategy. At the same time, as the amount of content increases, Internet users become overwhelmed, and it is sometimes difficult to attract their attention. Then it becomes interesting to focus on content marketing, which consists in creating and distributing relevant, regular and targeted content. This type of content follows a certain cycle that needs to be understood and respected.

Done well, content marketing enables you to acquire prospects, convert them into customers, and then retain them. CyberCité, the agency specializing in SEO, SEA, media, data and content, shares the key stages of content marketing in a complete guide to help you build and optimize your content strategy.

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Step 1: Data-driven content marketing

Data analysis is an essential step for a successful content marketing strategy. More precisely, it is about using the data to adapt the content offered to your goal. Among the interesting data for analysis:

  • Data on site: Remember to identify the different behaviors of your audience via Google Analytics, but also the indexing and positioning of your content via Google Search Console.
  • Offsite Data: It is interesting to analyze the search volume on your topic, study the SERPs, the zero positions or the rich snippets.

The guide offered by CyberCité also explains how to create your buyer personas, an essential element that will help you understand the audience you are targeting your content to.

Step 2: Content creation

To be successful, content creation must be methodical. The first step is to define an editorial charter that will set the tone for all your content in order to create a connection between each production. In order to find ideas, an editorial committee can be convened from time to time, in which the various stakeholders (communications department, SEO, UX or traffic manager) can discuss and thus generate new ideas for content to be produced. The editorial calendar also makes it possible to make distribution visible: which content should be published when and how often.

The guide proposed by CyberCité also lists the do’s and don’ts in terms of writing and the qualities required for the content to be ten times more efficient than that of your competitors.

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Step 3: Content distribution

After content creation, the dissemination phase is essential to hope to reach a sizable audience. The guide introduces the COPE concept,“Create once, publish everywhere”. This happens in 4 steps:

  • Content creation according to the concept 10x happy,
  • publication on your website,
  • Content customization and omnichannel distribution (posts on social networks, newsletters, pop-in, etc.),
  • measuring the performance of each release to improve the COPE strategy.

To increase performance, marketing automation is an interesting lever that will allow you to better qualify your prospects using content adapted to each stage of the buying process. Finally, you need to consider netlinking strategies, internal networking, and SEA levers for distributing your content.

Step 4: Analysis of the results

It’s difficult to measure the effectiveness of a content strategy without looking at the KPIs. In fact, you can use it to define what most animates your audience. The most important performance indicators include: the number of unique visitors, the bounce rate, the click rate or the conversion rate. However, be sure to choose your KPIs carefully and avoid paying too much attention to vanity metrics.

To better understand the challenges of content marketing, CyberCité also provides a summary diagram that traces the 4 main steps step by step. The goal ? We help you get results by optimizing all elements related to your content strategy.

If you want to learn more about the main steps of content marketing, just download the complete guide by clicking on the link below.

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