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Content marketing is an approach of many companies. It consists in attracting your audience through attractive and relevant visual and textual content. For a brand, this strategy meets different objectives: visibility, conversion rate, loyalty, etc. However, in order to achieve it, actions must be taken to make itself known on search engines. For this reason, content marketing and SEO are inseparable.


Faced with these challenges, CyberCité, the agency specialized in SEO, SEA and Analytics, is organizing the third edition of BIG SEO. This day, which will take place on Thursday, April 7, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., is aimed at digital specialists.

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Conferences about SEO and content marketing

To help professionals turn SEO into a lever for growth, CyberCité built this event, which consists of six webinars. The concept quickly won over: in 2020, the first edition of BIG SEO brought together more than 5,000 participants. In 2021, the event was an unprecedented success: 19,000 digital experts attended the conferences on offer.

During the webinars, attendees will have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of SEO as part of a content marketing strategy. The various speakers will tell you how to gain positions, face the competition and increase traffic to your website. In this way, each of them leaves concrete elements that they can implement in their company.

Many topics covered

This event revolves around many topics related to SEO and content marketing. Each webinar covers one aspect of these disciplines. The first conference of the day is designed to help attendees understand the role data must play in designing a “user-centric” website. In fact, they are useful for learning about topics that pique your audience’s interest and then writing targeted content. In this way, we put every opportunity on our side to meet their expectations and intentions.


During a webinar led by two CyberCité SEO experts, Adrien Party and Christophe Badiou, attendees will learn how to identify and fix the SEO technical weaknesses of their CMS. They can cause several problems such as: B. the rise of its titles and metas. They offer many tips on how to solve them and successfully optimize your website’s performance.

Quentin Lohou, SEO project manager at CyberCité, then shares how to work on your netlinking. This is a technique to multiply the number of backlinks in the content. By attending this conference, attendees will discover how to use it in a strategic and subtle way to achieve long-term success and differentiate yourself from the competition.

In partnership with digital agency Webqam, CyberCité is offering a conference focused on SEO with Shopify for e-merchants. The speakers will explore the SEO issues for businesses thinking of turning to this CMS. They will answer the many questions that may arise: if Shopify is limiting the opportunities to optimize its natural referencing, if the Shopify Plus platform offers more opportunities to work on its SEO…

During the fifth conference, SEO/SEA specialist Alban Renard will explain how to create and redesign your website without affecting its organic visibility. Sylvie Cochet, Content Marketing Manager at CyberCité, will conclude the day by discussing best practices for implementing an effective content marketing strategy.
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