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April 27, 2022

Canva’s content creation tool is a must-have for many communications and marketing professionals. Anissa Kadi, who gives trainings on Isarta to learn how to use it effectively, talks about the advantages of this revolutionary graphics platform… and very addictive!

Do you know Canva? This graphic design tool is one of the most useful and powerful ways to start a business. A brief history of its history at the beginning.

Once is not custom, Canva isn’t a Silicon Valley success, it’s…Australian. One of the co-founders, Mélanie Perkins, started working on the project in 2007 while studying at the University of Western Australia because she was frustrated with learning and using software like InDesign or Photoshop.

Featuring Cliff Obrecht, her classmate and partner – who would become her husband! – they then founded an initial design startup called Fusion Books and then Canva. Its success means the company is now valued at more than $40 billion. At just 34, Mélanie Perkins has become one of Australia’s richest women!

user friendliness

Behind this beautiful story is of course a product that has many advantages.

It couldn’t be easier, enthuses Anissa Kadi, who has been using it for 6 years and runs training courses on the subject for Isarta. It works on the drag-and-drop principle and you can create an almost infinite number of formats. For example, you can create a logo more cheaply, which can be very useful for start-ups or small businesses.

This ease of use makes it easy to define and develop your brand identity in different visual media: social media ads, business cards, promotional materials, etc. Without any technical knowledge.

The tool is designed in such a way that it does not require any basics in graphic design. However, a sense of aesthetics is still an advantage. The platform will offer models that are already harmonious and it only remains to change the colors or the images, for example,” states the founder of the new marketing and communication agency Aux Pluri’Elles, which aims to Assisting minority people to go into business.

However, Canva is not intended to replace traditional designers or agencies.

Complementary to graphic designers

It’s good for starters or for special needs, but it doesn’t replace the work of a graphic designer. We can quickly create visuals ourselves, but since the options are the same for everyone, you can find the elements in other publications and graphic creations,” explains Anissa Kadi.

In other words, it’s not the best solution to stand out from its competitors. Another boundary the coach sees: impressions.

For example, you can print your business cards relatively inexpensively and in good quality. But the problem is that you cannot print any format. Only certain models pre-configured to print”.

Well, as Anissa Kadi says, Canva is at the heart of her business process. There she makes her company presentations, submissions or social media posts. Especially since the platform is constantly changing, adding options and features almost twice a month.

In her training, she proceeds in two different sessions. The first is to design their brand identity, color palette, fonts, and configure their Canva account to auto-generate content.

Then, during the second, the goal is to take advantage of the different options that the platform offers and create exclusive content for their brand. Two sessions to help participants structure their graphic design and create consistency in their communication. What to set foot in the world of graphic design for his business!

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