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Content marketing is now part of the basic equipment of the modern marketer. Therefore, if the brand content tells us directly and in a more or less subtle way the qualities of the brand, content marketing will address a brand-related theme, allowing to highlight a related expertise. The message is clear: I have mastered this environment worldwide so that you can trust me and, above all, my specific products. Customer testimonials, advice articles, webinars or white papers are perfect examples of formats for a successful content marketing strategy.

So content marketing is the opposite of one shot

In 2021, content marketing has shifted up a gear and is even gradually establishing itself as that solution that allows you to stay in touch with your targets and customers without bothering them with more or less attractive offers. The renewal of content therefore allows to work on its notoriety over a long period of time, to increase its engagement, to convert more online opportunities, etc., while continuing to inform. So content marketing is the exact opposite of a one-shot, a marketing or communication gimmick, as was the case, for example, when Tesla sent its vehicle into space. From a content marketing point of view, we would have been interested in how the tires or the electric battery react to the lack of gravity.

We always start with the same question: Who am I?

For this strategy to work and not to fall into the illusion of positive but temporary and fleeting results, the key is to implement a precise methodology that always starts with the same question: Who am I? As a person, but of course also as a brand. What gets me up in the morning to go to work? If you don’t know, your customers won’t know for you. So, take the time to answer that question, go through your “brand book” again (or for the first time…) and if you don’t have one, create it. You can then gradually review your existing media and see if they are compatible, redefine your goals, your objectives, your areas of expression, your editorial line, your media, your formats, your themes, your project team, to finally produce and consistently deliver content your customers will love.

Showcase your expertise and creativity, give cause to believe in the stories you tell them, build your editorial stronghold, put your teams to work for the long term. It will be worth it, but only if you have defined your territory and your DNA beforehand. Otherwise, your content would just be an additional blog feeding on a topic that has certainly already been covered.

A successful strategy is 80% process and 20% creativity

The final piece of good news for content marketing is that it’s affordable for all budgets. In fact, it is relatively easy to build a content marketing strategy step by step to successfully launch a product, renew its customers, retain and keep its employees or even get on the first page of Google appear. We write, we publish, we celebrate. What else? However, there is a clear gap between this theory and practice, because content marketing basically reacts to the following reality: A successful strategy is based 80% on processes and 20% on creativity. Picking up your best pen to evoke a theme you think you have mastered is good, but doing so while remaining constant and regular in your production is something else entirely. With content marketing, we strive for long-term results and this requires a dedicated organization. Don’t forget that content creation and distribution generally takes twice as long as originally thought.

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