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infographics are very rich visual content that can be consumed very quickly and that many companies share on social networks and on their websites. You might be called snack content because they perfectly meet the expectations of internet users; short and readable content that gets to the point.

But do you know all the benefits of infographics for your visibility and your natural reference ? Let’s see them together below:

If you hesitate in between short and long content, you should know that although nothing in SEO science is exact or absolute, Google prefers content over 2000 words to claim good positioning. It’s just the result of a study that showed that more than 50% of the articles that were placed in first position on Google were over 2000 words. A good way to decide between the competitors given the constant infobesity we encounter on the internet.

What is an infographic?

Infographics are content that contain a series ofvisual information. They are used to present numbers, a course, highlight trending topics to be covered in several points, etc. The aim is to allow internet users to do a quick read by clicking on the markers. (see below an example created for the website)

What is an infographic?

It also has many advantages for companies that have a website and are present on social networks. Infographics are content that can be used regularly. There are many applications or software online that you can use to create them with a really professional and attractive design.

Graphic designer talents are not necessary in some cases, because there are ready-made templates for all topics. There are also graphic elements to create them on web content marketplaces.

Infographics: content that offers many benefits

This image brings some notable benefits to those looking for relevant content to support information, gain virality, traffic but also SEO, as we will see below.

The Virality of Infographics: Gaining Visibility

Infographics have the particularity of being very viral! They are very easy to share on social networks and are the subject of many interactions. This is one of the first advantages that will allow you to be known and known gain visibility. The visual side, which speaks immediately, is its primary strength.

They are mainly shared by users on social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter. We can also underline the interest of the Pinterest platform, which will make it possible to create tables where infographics will be classified. Besides that Pinterest is a marketing lever indirectly to be considered for its SEO

Improve your SEO and ggain in popularity

In terms of natural referencing, there are only 2 Web Traffic Sources that directly improve your positioning; the organic traffic and the referral traffic (Reference), which refers to the latter backlinks. Gaining SEO is possible thanks to infographics shared not only on social networks but also on blogs and online media. Thanks to SEO toolsyou can track the backlinks gained in this way.

Any website that shares an infographic as part of its online content has an ethical obligation to credit its source via a link. This link points to the website at the base of the content. An excellent way to restore backlinks without soliciting them through actions from guest blogging above all. On the other hand, it makes sense to ask websites to do so via a press release Share your infographic and its source.

This is much more relevant than sending a copy/pasted CP, which is the same for everyone and goes to the trash in most cases. An infographic remains an image without the notion of exclusive content, but one that brings virality and support in addition to the internally produced content.

Rely on your community to create infographics

For the community managers above all, there is one thing for which one can be exploited Create relevant infographics, is to rely on your community. By using the survey and depending on the number of respondents, you can easily get a range of information that will be used to create infographics.

Rely on your community to create infographics

Community is really a lever to be used and very often companies pay institutes for studies while their communities are meant to be representative examples of their field of activity.

By then making the work done available to her community, she can share the infographics she creates worry-free. Here we gain even more from the viral side of computer graphics.

infographics created with the Piktochart tool

The infographic below was created using the online software pictogram a few years ago.

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