digital marketing training to get Google certification at -89%

Are you interested in digital marketing? If you want to deepen your skills on this topic, we present a training that might interest you on the Udemy website. Marketing actions on the web are important for the development of a company. This skill is essential to boost a company’s business!

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Mastering digital marketing is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition, web marketing is a key strategic element for many businesses. Being present on the internet has become essential! Having a website is not enough, you need to create an effective strategy to be visible on the web and attract new customers. Develop your online sales by targeting the right audience. Analyzing statistics is an important step in adjusting web marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Training to get Google Certification

Access 8+ hours of videos to get Google Digital Marketing Certification! Companies need to be present on the internet, that is no longer an option. In this Udemy training, you’ll learn how to build a solid marketing strategy by defining goals, selecting key performance indicators, and analyzing the actions taken. How do you attract investors? You will have the answer to this question and after the course you will be able to write a relevant business plan based on Google tools. Learn how to use Google’s tools for business. A downloadable PDF contains 50 of the most important Google terms to understand.

This is a complete training to become Google certified. You have lifetime access to the courses. Obtaining a certification is a guarantee of your skills and knowledge in a specific field. Internet has changed our marketing practices now, we need to adapt and understand the different terms of digital marketing like SEA, SEO, inbound marketing, display marketing, social media strategy, data marketing. Build a winning strategy!

In this course you will cover the following points:

  • Build an effective digital strategy to engage, attract, influence and convert
  • Activate different marketing levers at the same time: advertising, natural referencing, affiliation, content marketing
  • master the different communication channels: blog, social networks, website
  • Know, analyze and use trends
  • Analyze the various data available on the Internet

The Udemy online platform strives to respond quickly to all of your questions. Practical cases can be added to the request and participants are accompanied with practical cases and useful resources

Who is this marketing course for?

Accessible on Udemy, this training is suitable for professionals or future marketers who want to expand their knowledge. After attending the courses you will be able to set up effective web marketing campaigns. Would you like to become Google Certified™? This training is for you! People who practice these professions have an advantage in developing this skill:

  • Marketing Manager
  • community managers
  • webmaster
  • Marketing Freelancer
  • commercially
  • Agency for digital communication
  • entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • company director

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