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It is important to measure the impact of the implemented content marketing strategy. This makes it possible to ensure their effectiveness and to take any corrective measures: are the publications produced on the right medium, is the writing style properly optimized for search engines, do the topics covered correspond to the expectations of the target group? Third and final article in a series on content marketing by Emilie Fatkic, Chartered Accountant and Patrick Maurice, Chartered Accountant.

Measure the performance of the implemented strategy

Many indicators can be monitored, it is necessary to choose those that seem most relevant in relation to the goals pursued by the company (generate more contacts, improve their ranking in search engines, etc.). Without the support of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) most will be difficult to analyze.

The positioning of articles in search engines underlines the overall effectiveness of the implemented content strategy.

The number of reactions that content generates on social networks makes it possible to measure reader engagement. That is, the number of interactions between the company’s pages and potential or existing customers. This engagement makes it possible to increase awareness on the selected networks (like, share, comment, subscribe, etc.).

The number of views is the most obvious indicator. Tools like Google Analytics help determine this. All you have to do is create an account and enter the site address. The platform then transmits a code to be integrated into the various pages of the website. This tool works just as well for website, blog or social network.

The conversion rate, the ratio between the number of visitors who converted to customers and the number of visits, is another indicator of the effectiveness of the content strategy. The average of this rate, across all industries, is around 3%.

The time spent on the page also measures the effectiveness of the written content. Compared to the theoretical reading time of an article, this duration indicates whether the visitor has actually read the information. If so, you need to think about the reasons for his abandonment: the content isn’t what he expected (e.g. inconsistency with the title), or he didn’t find it relevant.

The bounce rate tells you whether a visitor left the page after reading it. A double interpretation is possible: either he immediately found the information he was looking for, or the landing page did not convince him.

Traffic origin is an interesting indicator. This makes it possible to determine where the visits to the website come from. We therefore know the favorite channels of potential customers. The focus is on the prospect to optimize the content strategy by communicating on the right media.

Marketing automation to optimize prospect/customer conversion

As with accounting Certain marketing and follow-up tasks can be automated to focus on the most important and valuable aspect: the relationship. This is exactly what automated marketing is all about. It goes hand in hand with a content strategy.

Marketing automation accompanies interested parties on their way: from the perception of the need to the evaluation of the various possible solutions to the selection of the service provider that provides this solution. It’s a way of not wasting time chasing after cold prospects, i.e. those who aren’t far enough along in the process. They visited the sites because they were drawn to the content. They now have a clearer idea of ​​what they are looking for. It is therefore necessary to keep in touch during this phase of comparing offers and to continue to send them useful and targeted information. This is to convince them that the company is the right option. Sending invitations to webinars, links to videos or articles on the topic you are looking for helps to stay in touch and to convince people of the law firm’s expertise.

These solutions are obviously less effective without using a CRM to improve knowledge of their personas and send differentiated messages according to the intended audience.

There are many marketing automation software out there. Several publishers offer full web tools that offer the ability to manage a certain number of monthly mailings for free before moving to a more comprehensive paid version (marketing automation software comparison).


Content marketing is an excellent tool for increasing company awareness. It is also a very effective way to generate leads and improve prospect-to-customer conversion by reducing communication costs.

It builds the company’s image with its clients and potential candidates through the content produced and the tone used. It thus helps to emphasize the expertise of the auditing company.

Indicators must be used to measure the performance of manufactured items and make corrections if necessary.

Regular production of original content is necessary. This implies mastering the main principles of SEO and webwriting. The use of professionals in the discipline, communication agencies or freelancers seems inevitable when the company does not have them in-house.

Emilie Fatkic

Emilie Fatkic is a chartered accountant. His dissertation is titled “Taking inspiration from full-web firms to optimize offering, improve profitability and develop client portfolio of traditional accounting firm with fewer than 10 employees.

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Patrick Moritz

Patrick Maurice is a chartered accountant, co-founder and CEO of Dougs. He is also a CRA advisor and X-HEC entrepreneur spokesperson.

Emilie FATKIC on LinkedIn

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