How can you improve your marketing/communication employability in the arts and culture sector?

Digitization has become essential to maintain structure, seize new opportunities and meet the emerging needs of consumers. For this reason, many areas have accelerated their digital transformation over the past two years. This applies in particular to art and culture.

Especially since a disruptive technology is emerging at the same time: NFTs. A revolution that breaks the entire value chain of the art market and creates new skills for everyone who wants to work in this sector.

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On Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 12:30 p.m., EFAP’s Specialized MBA Digital Marketing & Business – Art and Culture is organizing a webinar to discuss the topic in depth. The speakers will unveil the new role of digital skills in this sector.


The importance of digital skills in arts and culture

In a context of increased competition, arts and cultural venues need to rethink their strategies to develop their business and attract new visitors or customers. In order to meet these daily challenges, digitization is an essential element. Whether it’s rethinking the user experience or improving an institution’s reputation on social networks, all actors in the cultural field are changing. To do this, they now rely on marketing and digital communication.

For this reason, acquiring skills in these two disciplines is now essential for a successful professional project in the field of arts and culture. Organizations, museums and companies need profiles that master the codes of the creative sector, digital project management, data… So many elements that the speakers will return to during the presentation of the specialized training of the EFAP, created in partnership with the Hub Institute. This program, unique in France, is at the crossroads of digital and culture.

Here is the full program for this webinar:

  • What are the trends in post-Covid digital transformation? ;
  • New communication trends in art and culture;
  • New professions in the cultural sector;
  • In addition to “business” skills, what soft skills are essential for these new jobs?


A webinar to understand how to improve your employability

During this round table you will have the opportunity to listen to several experts. Among them Vincent Montet, Founder-Director of DMB MBAs and Vice-President of the Digital Economy Association (ACSEL) and Nicolas Laugero, Director of ICART, co-founder of FLUCTUART and President of ARTISTIK REZO. Jurgen Dsainbayonne, co-founder and CEO of Seezart, will be at their side. He works in a French startup that puts blockchain and NFTs at the service of art.

The three specialists answer all questions that may arise about the role of technology and digital in the world of art and culture, about the most important skills or about the development of your professional project.

This webinar is an opportunity for both students and professionals to learn more about the digital transformation in the arts and culture sector and its possibilities. Each participant will be able to learn in depth the skills essential for new professions combining marketing, communication and creative industries.

At the same time, the three speakers will go into more detail about the Specialized MBA Digital Marketing & Business program of EFAP and the Hub Institute. This is a chance to become a cultural player in the digital revolution. Don’t forget to sign up to put the odds on your side and improve your employability!


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