how to develop a content strategy in real estate

The real estate industry has been facing major upheavals since early 2020 as a direct result of the difficult environment of the pandemic. Real estate agencies and investors need to adapt and find new solutions to connect more easily with clients, and this inevitably requires an acceleration of their digitization.

YouLoveWords, a leading content marketing solution, is releasing a comprehensive white paper for real estate stakeholders who want to evolve their content marketing strategy to gain market share faster.

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What place for digital marketing in real estate?

A real digitalization of the real estate sector has been underway for ten years, in particular with the introduction of new tools and practices that make it possible to adapt to the evolving consumption habits of individual customers but also professionals. For real estate players, leveraging data offers a real opportunity to personalize the customer experience at every stage of the journey.

The guide covers the marketing trends that help businesses stand out in the real estate world:

  • PropTechs and Big Data,
  • inbound marketing,
  • knowledgeable and rich content,
  • social media marketing,
  • advertising retargeting,
  • alignment of marketing and sales teams,
  • experiential marketing and virtual reality,
  • the podcast,
  • networking on LinkedIn,
  • local marketing…

Why content marketing in real estate?

Many real estate players (agencies, developers, investors, etc.) have no real marketing positioning and the strategies followed are often similar. Creating differentiating content proves to be a real asset to differentiate yourself from competitors and create a strong intimacy with your audience.

Both buyers and sellers can ask themselves many questions at every stage of their journey. For example, a potential buyer does a lot of searches on Google during their prospecting phase, but also during their decision-making phase. By addressing the problems of your different target groups with relevant content, you both prove your expertise and provide them with solutions. So content marketing becomes a real growth driver if you fully exploit its potential.

What are the key steps to building your content strategy?

The implementation of a content strategy requires an intensive production rhythm and therefore requires proof of organization.

Thanks to its expertise, YouLoveWords offers you a method for implementation in this guide Content Factory (digital content factory)a device that allows you to produce several dozens of monthly content while maintaining a high level of quality and preserving your brand image.

Several steps are necessary:

  • Create your content strategy: Define your goals and needs, understand your goals with the creation of personas and understand the digital customer journey of your goals.
  • Organize your content production: Define a framework and production monitoring (documents, briefings, anticipation of problems, etc.) and create an editorial calendar to distribute the right content to the right place at the right time.
  • Choose appropriate tools: Tools are needed to execute your content marketing strategy (CRM, marketing automation, project management, etc.). Within the guide you will find a selection of powerful tools tailored to your goals.

What content is best for real estate?

YouLoveWords reveals a list of content that works best in the real estate sector:

  • to answer questions from your audience,
  • to demonstrate your expertise,
  • publicize a problem
  • to generate qualified leads,
  • to build a close relationship
  • to advertise your property…

Finally, the guide highlights editorial trends in the world of real estate with specific advice to help you create effective content.

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