How two Insoumis MEPs from Lille made a name for themselves in the Assembly and in the media in five years

Seen on TV. Five years ago they were unknown to the political world. Today, Insoumis MEPs from the Lille constituencies, Adrien Quatennens (1st from the North) and Ugo Berrnalicis (2nd), made a name for themselves in the National Assembly and in the media world. Both are standing for re-election, the first round of which will take place on Sunday.

The first managed to seduce the small screen with its ability to face any subject with ease and perhaps thanks to its unique look: the red hair cut into a brush. The second was projected in the light of social networks, thanks to conspicuous interventions in the Chamber or in the Judiciary Commission, particularly against the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti. He, too, employs that powerful rhetoric that so appeals to the world of images.

“His goal is to appeal to the voters of rebellious France! »

In an article on the Médiacités news site, a Macronist MP who worked with Ugo Bernalicis on a commission of inquiry criticized him for filming “every time he spoke in the committee or in the Chamber”. “His goal is not to argue with other MPs, but to address the voters of rebellious France! ‘ he faltered.

A strategy adopted by the prospect. “If you do national media, you are much more present in your constituency than if you do the school fair,” he said in an interview. HAS 20 minutes, he prefers to speak of the collective and emphasizes “the organization within the LFI group”, which “makes working together easier”. “So everyone can get involved on the television or on the morning radio, because we all see each other the same way at the grassroots level, which is not the case with all parties,” emphasizes Ugo Bernalicis.

“The Best of Us”

However, he does acknowledge Adrien Quatennens as “the best of us” to express himself in the media. “He shone with his ability to convey concrete messages and not slogans,” he slips. For his part, Adrien Quatennens says: “Ugo tended to specialize more in subjects that he wanted to delve into, such as the police and the judiciary. I have a more general speech. »

At 33 for Ugo Bernalicis and 32 for Adrien Quatennens, the two northerners already look like old hands in politics. To be able to organize a concert meeting together on Tuesday evening at the Sébastopol theater in Lille with the presence of the singer Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine. “This is the first time he has agreed to take part in a political rally,” said Adrien Quatennens, who also took to the stage to play the drums, one of his hobbies.

Our legislative dossier 2022

Without a doubt, the two shooting stars from France Insoumise (LFI) want to shine for another five years. In 2017, Ugo Bernalicis won in the second round by a wide margin against a macronist candidate involved in false diploma cases and banned Leetchi pots. Adrien Quatennens, for his part, narrowly won with 46 votes. This time they are the favourites.

The other candidates in the 1st District North are: Jonathan Lefrancq (without label/SE), Mai Rimlinger (Reconquest!), Audric Alexandre (PACE), Pierre Madelain (industrial action), Vanessa Duhamel (together, presidential majority), Carole Leclercq (rally National), Constance Godest (Animalist Party), Frédéric Chaouat (Political Wisdom), Thomas Fabre (UDI) and Hugo Desmarchelier (SE).

In the 2nd constituency, these are: Caroline Boisard-Vannier (Les Républicains), Monique Delevallet (Reconquest!), Nicolas Karasiewicz (A new look, DVC), Nordine Aassi (Union of French Muslim Democrats), Pascale Rougée (Lutte Ouvrière) , Virginie Chauchoy (Animalist Party), Rudy Elegeest (Ensemble), Philippe Guérard (RN) and Marie Savage (SE).

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