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Icarus Media Digital is an Irish company founded in 2016. His employees found companies, from the idea to the realization of the project. In this article, we explain how Icarus Media Digital researches and analyzes data to run its business and ensure the financial viability of its companies.

Focus on the company Icarus Media Digital

Icarus Media Digital now has eight companies and sixteen employees. These aim to develop and implement new technologies that solve problems and improve user experience. The company makes people’s lives easier by providing answers to a need, in a context where the market is not yet necessarily at the technological level. And if you want more information about the organization of the company, you can find Icarus Media Digital on Crunchbase.


Another important point that the employees work on is the generation of international leads. Icarus Media Digital is experiencing sustained growth and is growing rapidly at an average rate of 600,000 leads per year. Converting prospects into leads is a major challenge for a business as it increases and improves conversion rates. A point that the employees of Icarus Media Digital have understood and put at the heart of their marketing and digital strategy.

Data analysis the way of Icarus Media Digital

At Icarus Media Digital, it is important to analyze raw data in order to better develop businesses while making them profitable and reliable. The company uses big data in particular. This tool allows to analyze and use multiple pieces of information. It also represents an alternative to traditional database options. By using Big Data, Icarus Media Digital opens up the possibility of processing large amounts of data quickly and being able to access a great deal of information at the same time. This tool therefore makes it possible to adapt the communication of companies to the target group, which at the same time leads to the generation of new leads.


In addition to many data analysis tools, Icarus Media Digital also uses Data Analytics (DA). Here raw data is examined and the results must be used for the development of societies. The conclusions presented will also allow managers to make decisions adapted to the situations they will face.

Icarus Media Digital specialists, through DA, analyze the data collected with the aim of understanding visitors in order to anticipate their requests and convert them into leads more quickly. It is therefore an opportunity for the company to perfect its business model.

Which business model for Icarus Media Digital?

To create new business, Icarus Media Digital combines data analysis and employee ideas. The business model is outstanding, indicating that relevant marketing must be done via optimized referencing, linking campaigns or advertising via social networks. The design of a website alone is successful, but it is no longer enough to convince prospects. It is therefore necessary to increase the visibility of companies in search engines and this is where SEO is essential. By multiplying the backlinks and hypertext links, the value of a website will be amplified and the conversion rate will be more likely to increase.

Likewise, the employees of Icarus Media Digital strive to determine their objectives in advance of the communication campaigns, in order to determine on which social networks they will intervene. The tone and topic will not be the same on LinkedIn or Instagram.

It is therefore all combined levers such as organic search, paid search or social media, supported by a good marketing strategy, that make Icarus Media Digital’s businesses successful and profitable.

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