SEO for the Charity Sector: Importance and Benefits

The IFI and the apprenticeship tax: 2 highlights for the non-profit sector

IFI fundraisers and YOUR are two crucial moments for nonprofit organizations to rally around these devices. Digitization has been gaining in importance in the process of fundraising and prospect research for some time. The establishment of a effective digital strategy Therefore, reaching out and informing potential donors is now crucial.

Reminders of the IFI and the Apprentice Tax

The IFI (Immobiliere Fortune Tax)) replaced the Solidarity Tax on Wealth (ISF) in 2018. It affects all tax budgets with real estate at least 1.3 million euros (i.e. nearly 143,000 tax households in France in 2020).

The IFI’s declaration is a highlight for non-profit entities because it is taxable for taxpayers reduce the amount of their IFI by donating to an eligible organization. Now is the time for organizations to do so reach new donors who want to reduce their IFI and keep older ones donor to receive donations.

  • – The apprenticeship fee:

All France-based companies that are subject to IR (income tax) or IS (corporate income tax) and employ at least one employee must do so pay the education tax. It’s paid in two parts : 87% at OPCOs to finance apprenticeships and 13% to an authorized training organizationfreely chosen by the company.

But note thatfrom 2023, the balance of 13% is paid out URSSAF before they are assigned to the training company selected by the company via a commitment of funds.

SEO: a strategy that pays off in the long run

The IFI and TA campaigns are moments that encourage affected companies and tax households to pay up Donations to Eligible Organizations. Online donations are increasing in number and it is crucial for organizations to increase their online visibility to increase their chances of making donations. One of the most important pillars for optimize its web presence sustainably is the SEOalso called natural referencing.

content strategy

One of the key points of natural referencing is that content strategy. create content Rich, relevant and informative can increase your visibility. Although most inquiries in connection with the IFI or the apprenticeship tax are of a purely informational nature, there are still many opportunities for the associations and foundations concerned to reach potential donors.

A content strategy enables you position yourself on certain specific keywords (“Calculation of the apprenticeship fee”, “Apprenticeship tax”, “IFI declaration”, “IFI calendar”…) that correspond to search queries from Internet users toappear at the top of the search results. This makes it possible to promote its structure while adding value to the Internet user’s search, increasing its visibility by making itself known to new prospects and gaining their trust thanks to quality content.

However, the goal is not to stop using paid referencing either, but to find a balance between the two in the long term in order to reduce investment in keywords while maintaining good visibility in search results. .

SEA and SEO: Gain positions by reducing your paid investment

If the SEA (paid referencing) is the lever that makes it possible Reach the most purposeful people, it is also a lever that requires a certain budget. In fact, there are numerous structures trying to position themselves via paid referrals, and the price per click for certain keywords can quickly become high very behaved.

In addition, the trend of Internet users is increasingly in the direction of natural connections (70% of them only click on natural results). Aside from that, 34% of the French used a ad blocker in 2017 and it is likely that this trend has intensified since then.

SEO offers the advantage of Gain positions at a lower cost while sitting legitimacy : If search engines rank you among the first, it is because they consider your content to be of high quality.

However, the goal is not to stop using paid referencing either, but to find a balance between the two in the long term in order to reduce investment in keywords while maintaining good visibility in search results. .

Optimize your campaigns upstream

Fundraisers must be prepared all year round. SEO is a long-term task. It is therefore necessary to prepare early for fundraising peaks. Content creation is a long process between creating and integrating that content and getting it considered by search engines, which can take several weeks or even months. It would even be ideal to start optimizing the next content right after the end of the campaign in order to prepare for the next one.

For information, one of the agency’s clients who is engaged in medical research, a decrease in CPC of more than 25% thanks to an SEO strategy preceding their SEA campaign.

SEO is an important lever for the non-profit sector. Orixa fundraiser specialized in Support for non-profit organizations on the main pillars like that SEA but also the SEO. One of the agency’s clients, a consultant on socio-professional integration issues, was able to do this drastically increase its visibility thanks to an effective SEO strategy, thanks to which several of its pages can gain up to almost 27 places in the search resultsappear in the top 10 on competitive keywords.

IFI & TA Campaigns: Key Figures

Orixa fundraising clients have seen the following improvements from SEO campaigns focused on IFI and Learning Levy:

  • – 25% on the CPC of SEA campaigns combined with SEO work vs. without SEO work
  • + 20% AT payment in 2021 compared to 2020
  • up to 27 places gained in the search results.

Orixa fundraiser

Orixa Fundraising, an agency specializing in the non-profit sector, supports associations and foundations in fundraising and digital speaking. Contact our specialized experts, who will be happy to advise and accompany you in the implementation of your strategy.

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