Start a Drop Servicing Business

What is drop servicing? , you may have heard of drop shipping but i’m pretty sure you haven’t heard of dropservicing, you sell a service to a client and have someone else do the work those would be the freelancers, they’re people that you hire they’re not your employees, what else not limited to your skill set,

This business model is not limited to your skill set you don’t have to worry about your employees, and it’s very flexible so this this thing you could. pick any market pretty much and whatever need, you could based on your freelancer skill, you could probably feel it.

All right here’s an example, so you are the center of everything you make sales you make marketing, everything you have a business even though you someone else is doing providing the service, there’s still a lot of work for you to do. Sales you got to get the client interested, the client has a need and client has the money so you need to get in contact with the client, the client gives you the information.

From there you go to the freelancer give him the work details and he does all the work, he’s the freelancer is your workhorse you could have one or two freelancers, you could have as many freelancers you want, but then he finishes it he gives it to you you package it you give it uh make it give it to the client and if the client likes it he gives you your money let’s say a hundred dollars but you have to split that money with your freelancers let’s say you split it 50 50.

Freelancer gets 50 bucks you get 50 bucks and everybody’s happy all right so next we’re going to talk about what are some steps to go through what are the things you need to do all right. first you need to do some market research, you need to know if there’s a service even, in need is there a service you need to provide is there a pain point. something you need to select a niche where you can actually make money if there’s no money to be made then, why even do it you’re in the business of making money you have to get in contact with freelancers you need to get in contact with more, than just one because what if you find a good freelancer and he’s already busy and you have a client waiting.

you need to make sure that your business is respectable, you got to do the website you got to get all the legal work done the contracts ready you’re going to be dealing with people and people need to trust you so you need to have your business in order. it’s really important you need to make a plan on how to get clients and actually make sales without clients, you can’t make sales and without sales you can’t make money and the way to money really way to think about money is that it’s actually energy for your business. if you don’t have any energy then your business simply dies.