Start a Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping that is the business model that we will be working with, not to be confused with e-commerce, which is your online store drop shipping is the business model for those. who don’t know drop shipping means, that you’re selling products without actually holding their inventory your supplier, the one you’re sourcing from is the one with the inventory and every time you get an order on your store.

You’re simply buying the product from your supplier and you’re shipping it straight to the customer therefore you’re not paying for the inventory, it’s all on the supplier all you have to do is put the product on your store.

market it to your customers this picture over here shows you a little example of how drop shipping works.

So the first step is to have a customer buy a product from your store, once he purchases the product from your store and you received your payment, it is your responsibility as the seller to log into your supplier site and buy the product from the supplier and ship it directly to the customer.

once that happens your customer will receive his package in a timely and professional manner he will be totally happy about it, you will earn another satisfied customer which is very crucial to the long-term survivability and success of your online business

let me simplify it for you in just five easy steps

1.find a winning product to sell

2.create your online store your products

4.the customer buys from your store buy the product directly to the customer

Is the drop shipping business model but is it still profitable in 2022, the answer is yes it’s been super profitable since year one and each year.

it’s only getting better and bigger don’t listen to online gurus who are telling you that you can get rich in a day in a week or in a month, that is not how drop shipping works you’re building your own steady income from zero it is a real business and therefore it needs to be treated that way learning to cope with and overcome obstacles will lead the way to your success so now that you have a basic understanding of the drop shipping business model.