The top 5 influencer marketing jobs

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Beyond simple digital tools, influence marketing is an art in itself that revolves around the digital planet and today relies on brand ambassadors, also known as influencers. In other words, awareness becomes a key element to spread a strong message on the internet and social networks.

Would you like to plunge into the heart of an immersive universe? Here are the TOP 5 influencer marketing jobs – positions accessible largely thanks to ESC Clermont Business School’s excellent education.

What are the TOP 5 Influencer Marketing Jobs?

Influencer marketing has turned traditional marketing on its head. Its role is to harmonize the discourse of organizations to give them meaning, while providing influencers with choice. Influencer marketing professions rely on powerful levers such as effective and relevant communication, rich and varied interactions with internet users, and the animation of growing communities on the web.

1. Social Media Manager: Brand visibility development

Within large companies or in a communications and marketing agency, the social media manager is always on the lookout for new trends in digital marketing. He carries out several tasks: analysis, strategy, supervision, management… His main tasks are to improve the visibility and brand image of a company through a social media strategy (objective, editorial line, positioning, etc.). The social media manager must also monitor and analyze the results of the strategies put in place.

The profession of social media manager is accessible, for example, with a bac+3 degree in communication, marketing or digital professions. However, as with any position of responsibility, a bac+5 level is recommended to develop managerial skills. After graduation, you can claim a gross salary of between 27,000 and 33,000 euros per year.

2. Community Manager: Liven up your community on social networks

Equipped with a web culture and mastery of social networks, the community manager applies the strategies introduced by the social media manager. He ensures the presence of a brand or a company on social networks by managing a community of internet users and publishing content on social networks. It also ensures the good reputation of a brand on the Internet, one speaks of e-reputation. To federate a community, the community manager must be creative, responsive, and most importantly, passionate!

You can become a community manager, for example, after a bac+2 or bac+3 at universities or in a business, marketing or communication school. If you would like to enrich your professional experience, you can continue your studies in a dual study program and reach the bac+5 level. The expected salary as a Junior Community Manager is usually between €25,000 and €30,000 gross per year.

3. Brand Content Manager: Determines his company’s digital marketing strategy

The Brand Content Manager, also known as the Web Marketing Content Manager, is responsible for creating and managing digital content for a company. The purpose of its mission is to set a brand’s editorial strategy to build a lasting relationship with its consumers. As a true conductor, he very often works closely with a team of artistic directors, community managers, web integrators, etc.

This profession is accessible, for example, after a master’s degree from a university or a business, communication or marketing school. A specialization in digital marketing or e-commerce and a few years of experience are often appreciated by recruiters. The gross salary of the brand content manager at the beginning of his career is approximately €50,000 per year.

4. Digital Marketing Director: Driving his company’s digital strategy

The Digital Marketing Director implements a company’s digital strategies with the goal of improving brand visibility and sales. He must be able to follow the developed strategy, measure its performance and analyze the traffic of the website or mobile application. Depending on the structure of the company or agency in which they work, the digital marketing director may also have senior leadership.

Specifically, with a bac+5 level in Business, Marketing or Communication School, you can become a Digital Marketing Director. A specialization in e-commerce, digital jobs or digital marketing is an advantage! Depending on experience, a junior’s income can vary between EUR 45,000 and EUR 75,000 gross per year.

5. Agent of influencers: put their image at the service of brands

The influencer agent is the representative of very popular people or personalities on the web. With thousands of subscribers following them every day, influencers are considered true brand ambassadors for companies. The person in charge of partnerships and commercial negotiations is none other than the influencer agent, who also plays a supporting and monitoring role, both in terms of the selection of collaborations and the image conveyed on social networks. The influencer must gain a certain level of sympathy among internet users and increase their visibility. Its agent must be able to offer innovative content, adapted to its profile, its desires and its projects, to then be published on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The remuneration varies extremely from influencer agent to influencer. It depends on the influencer’s reputation, number of subscribers, and area of ​​expertise.

Influencer Marketing: Meet Nicolle, Influencer Agent at Just Go Agency

Nicolle came from Colombia to study at ESC Clermont Business School. This trilingual young woman was able to complete a one-year dual degree thanks to the partnership between her school in South America and the Clermont-Ferrand Business School. Nicolle is currently an influencer agent at Just Go Agency, an agency specializing in family and parenting. “I like that I really do everything. It varies from agency to agency, but we have a modality that allows us to work with multiple brands at the same time and ensure collaborations for influencers.“, She explains.

Nicolle works daily with people who are hugely popular on the web and social media. She accompanies and represents them in a climate of mutual trust. At the same time, she takes care of respecting every step of an influence campaign to the letter and also touches on project management. Negotiation, communication objectives, key performance indicators, “pure” marketing… So many criteria to take into account to fulfill its missions and meet the specific needs of the brands that seek its expertise.

Together with 4 other employees, Nicolle takes care of 24 talents (or influencers). The young woman handles partnership requests, attends video conferences and meetings to introduce influencers to interested brands and analyze opportunities that may arise later. “Prospecting is also part of my job. I have to look for new partnerships, with new brands (…) In my agency we represent influencers, but there are also agencies that offer their influencer marketing services to brands.”continues Nicole.

The Just Go agency counts big brands among its clients. Nicolle tells us that “Every influencer has their personal beliefs, their opinion. (…) For one of our clients, an influencer represented by our agency took part in an awareness week for people with disabilities. She has held a conference and several speeches related to this (…) I find it so compelling to work with the Communications Manager to bring this type of event to life!”

The former ESC Clermont Business School student was able to count on the support of her school for her first job. “The ESC Clermont Business School network is very promising. It allows us to exchange ideas with professionals to develop ourselves, to find an internship, a dual study program, something that fits our background and our aspirations in life.“.

Finally, according to herSoft skills are behavioral skills that we question every day (…). Yes, I am based in Clermont-Ferrand, but clients come from everywhere (…). I have to speak French, very often English… And of course Spanish!“. This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting aspects of the influencer agent profession, according to Nicolle.

The business of digital communication and online trading continues to grow. A real boom that reflects the new challenges of our societies, be they economic, sociological, ecological or political. In order to respond to this increase in the labor market, ESC Clermont Business School launched its Bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and E-Business in early 2021, which is built together with experienced companies in the fields of communication and e-commerce (Digital League). becomes. The establishment offers everyone the opportunity to enter a dynamic and exciting profession, in France and abroad, thanks to a high-level program.

A recognized diploma to work in the communications and marketing industry

The bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication & E-Business, which lasts 3 years, is one of the few bachelor’s degrees in France that allows the acquisition of a bachelor’s degree (level bac+ 3). In fact, this program is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and Innovation. A guarantee of reliability and credibility in terms of the quality of the ESC Clermont Business School’s training, thanks to three international accreditations also abroad.

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