What are the challenges of branded content in 2022?

According to a study by Smart Insights, around 61.8% of the world’s population regularly uses the Internet. Experts also estimate that 400 million additional people will access it in 2022. At the same time, businesses need to redouble their efforts to maintain their visibility and maintain a sufficiently differentiating online presence. Content marketing in general and branded content in particular will be the focus of the topics. Here are the trends to watch in 2022 to stay in the running.

Each audience has their own branded content

the branded content is a strategy that consists of promoting a brand through content directly related to what it offers its customers, what it wants to represent. The aim is to build a positive image that deeply imprints the respective brand.

The content itself then becomes your voice. It tells your story, confirms your positioning, reflects your expertise. But most importantly, it creates a bond. Touched by this narrative communication, the consumer goes beyond the notion of purchase and shifts toward a desire to support a brand they admire or whose values ​​they share. So it’s about the message itself, but also about the way it is conveyed and the goals it aims to achieve. An argument that can convince a certain segment of users may just as well turn off another. For a strategy of branded content perfectly mastered, do not hesitate to turn to experts. If you choose Eskimoz, for example, you can leave nothing to chance.

In-depth and enduring content

the branded content Short-lived, designed to stay online for 24 hours before disappearing forever, was all the rage for several years. This form of communication undoubtedly has advantages. In particular, it alludes to the idea of ​​FOMO to make the user want not to miss a single release. This is how a brand’s followers are exposed to their messages on a daily basis, which is very effective at maintaining links.

However, “long-form content” is on the rise again, because this category of branded content would allow for a greater return on investment. According to the SEMRush 2020 Content Marketing Report, long content (between 3000 and 7000 words) gets twice as many visits and 24% more shares than medium-length content (900-1200 words). The same study shows that once you exceed 7000 words, traffic almost quadruples, while short articles (300-900 words) receive 21% less traffic and 75% fewer backlinks compared to medium-sized articles.

But be careful: don’t write a white paper if you want to! In order to get the attention of your readers, it is better to entrust the writing to professionals. Feel free to alternate with shorter releases to post regularly.

The audio and video branded content boom

The rise of podcasts, but also notes and voice searches, has become even more apparent since Clubhouse, an exclusivity-focused audio chat room application, burst onto the scene. As evidence, the rush from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to this category of functionality. The medium is quite innovative in making the ways branded content just waiting to be explored.

Video, on the other hand, already enjoys the status of a true reference in terms of content marketing. It lends itself to very varied communication and is achievable for most brands. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch… 2022 will definitely continue to deepen the video format.

Content creators closer to your goals

When some targets are very receptive to them branded content passed on directly by the brands, others are not reflected in the concept. Content created by individuals acting as ambassadors can then carry much more weight. This trend continues to strengthen and makes it possible to get absolutely unique publications.

Vlogs, blog articles, podcasts, social media releases… on each influencer, their style and their favorite platform. By letting these creators speak about you in their own way, you open yourself up to an entire community that stands behind the trust they place in you. So yours branded content will be adorned with new colors according to your partnerships to reach an audience that is both more targeted and diversified.

The Power of Data

The difference between making a name for yourself online and monopolizing the limelight often comes down to one thing: data. Base your decisions on branded content on internal and external metrics is key to delivering targeted content.

To incorporate data into their content strategy, brands are now turning to more smart data that allows them to better understand their goals. The most frequent search queries, surfing habits, preferred channels, etc. become your own marketing levers on the basis of which you can align your content.

In 2022, the spotlight will undoubtedly remain on the branded content. Marketing strategies are re-appropriating communication codes to adapt to an audience that seeks innovation. To create a place for yourself or to keep an ever-increasing number of customers, you need to know your goals perfectly in order to better put yourself within their reach. Dare to stand out by producing content with high added value. Discover new formats, platforms and technologies to create a virtual universe that suits you.

And you, are you ready for the content year?

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