With its Digital Marketing Certificate, emlyon Business School enables professionals to develop their skills quickly

In recent years, professions have been disrupted by the advent of digital technologies. The latter is now a dimension in itself for any company that wants to increase its visibility, increase its sales and, more generally, insist on the new channels that adhere to consumer uses and practices.

Although digitization is full of opportunities that can serve many purposes, it is not always easy to find your way around and exploit all the potential that lies within. This is where the Digital Marketing Certificate comes into play.Emlyon business school. The business school offers this CPF-eligible education to a professional audience looking to add new skills to their profile. It lasts nine days and can be accessed in person in Lyon and Paris, but also online.

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This certificate will allow you to get acquainted with how digital marketing works, to know all the subtleties, advantages and, most importantly, to be able to very quickly integrate new weapons into your everyday life as a marketer. The aim is to help marketers get an overview of the new dynamics that digitization offers, but also of the skills and key knowledge that they can develop further in their business practices and in their careers.


The digital marketing certificate to acquire new knowledge

This training is aimed at managers or project leaders working in full digitization in various industries, such as: B. industry or trade. It particularly affects those who want to understand the role of digital marketing and know all the tricks. Several professionals have already taken part in the training, including Matthieu Poussier, who opted for the online format last year, and Alexandre Mertens, who opted for the face-to-face format.

As a newcomer to the field, I was able to quickly grasp the concepts, use relevant tools and implement a digital marketing strategy, adapting it to the specifics of my job. This intense and pragmatic certificate gives the impression of being part of an agile team managing digital marketing projects… Exciting! ‘ says Matthew.

Matthew Poussier.

This certificate has brought me much more than I expected. It opened my eyes to the world of tomorrow and gave me a solid foundation in marketing. testifies Alexandre.

Alexander Martens.

The Digital Marketing Certificate, both online and in person, provides an understanding of the key steps to creating, refining and maintaining an effective digital marketing strategy. Determine your goals, acquire the right tools, assess your acquisition channels… So many stages that are essential to go through in order to properly use digital marketing in every facet of the customer experience.

In 2022, too, digital marketing will be one of the pillars for optimizing the customer experience. At the heart of business strategy, this customer experience needs to be translated into the organization by creating connections between all departments that contribute to revenue generation: sales, marketing, customer success, engineering… Align all revenue-generating teams to install predictive and sustainable growth “, explains Frank Guillerot, head of training for the certificate and expert in the optimization of marketing activities and the management of digital projects. He leads the training together with other digital marketers.

By participating, the participating professionals can therefore benefit from their expertise, especially in relation to innovation. You will discover the potential of tools like artificial intelligence and how they can become a core part of their business.

Three axes to understand the grand challenges of digital marketing

The certificate is divided into three modules, which together outline the most important phases in the development of a digital marketing strategy. First, participants discover the discipline as a whole, as well as the key concepts that accompany it. They will have the opportunity to learn about SEO, content creation and customer experience modeling… So many elements that will allow them to acquire the fundamentals needed to create their marketing strategy.

The second module aims to teach them various marketing tactics that are essential to support the customer experience. They are useful for communicating effectively with customers from the beginning to the end of the buying process.

Finally, the last module aims to introduce participants to the latest technological tools that have become indispensable in marketing (CRM, marketing automation, web analytics, content management, sales engagement, sales promotion, etc.). It also allows you to learn about data processing by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Finally, it examines the best-known agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) and gives the keys to adapting them to the context of a marketing department in order to be better organized and work more efficiently.

With that in mind, this training is an opportunity to update your skills and understand how to leverage the benefits of digitalization for your business.


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